Tommy Hilfiger expands Adaptive clothing line

This week, Tommy Hilfiger has launched his third clothing line aimed specifically for people with disabilities. Following a children's line in 2016 and the first adult one in 2017, his Spring 2018 Adaptive Collection focuses on helping people with disabilities - physical or invisible - get dressed, something many struggle with. 

According to Marie Claire, the clothes in the 2018 Adaptive Collection still look like a typical Tommy Hilfiger collection, with colour blocking, stripes and his signature red, white and blue palette. However, the big difference is that some elements of the clothing have been adapted. This includes magnetic buttons, adjustable pant hems to accommodate a prosthetic or brace, wrist loops to help put on pants, easy open necklines, expanded back and side openings, one-handed zippers, and Velcro closures. 

The campaign features notable figures from the disabled community, including US Paralympian gold medal track star Jeremy Campbell, motivational speaker Mama Caxx, paraplegic dancer Chelsie Hill and 18-year-old autistic chef Jeremiah Josey.